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Outrigger pads

Aluminum outrigger pads are lightweight and have an extremely high load capacity. They are constructed from aluminum tubes of 15 × 11.5 cm. The stamp sheets are specially made ​​and any customer-specific parts are always negotiable. Consider picking system, customer nameplate on the stamp sheets, specific length or width (by 15cm).

Some examples:

  • 1050x1050mm weight 260 kg  / set
  • 1050x1250mm weight 300 kg  / set
  • 1050x1500mm weight 353 kg  / set
  • 1050x2000mm weight 461 kg  / set
  • 1050x2500mm weight 570 kg / set
  • 1200x2400mm weight 624 kg / set
  • Item group01
  • DimensionsVarious sizes available
  • MaterialAluminum